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Upgraded cleaning & sanitizing protocols

Our hotel follows cleaning protocols based on medical practices approved by the World Health Organization .

Surface cleaning in common areas – the reception, lobby, corridors, restrooms, restaurants and other hotel common areas are sanitized in line with protocols, products and medical frequency.

Room sanitizing – we use technology and highly effective cleaning products on all surfaces, objects and decorative items, and clinically proven protocols for laundering textiles.

Kitchen and utensil sterilization – using cleaning products and practices in line with the recommended protocols.

Food & Beverage services adapted to the current situation

To minimize risks, we have adapted our processes for ordering, preparing, delivering, consuming and paying for food & beverage services in all our hotels.

Supplier certification – we follow the strictest safety protocols in delivery processes.

Food safety – we are reducing, as much as posible, product handling and human contact during both preparation and delivery, by using single-use packaging.

Room service  – our restaurant and room service follow strict safety protocols and are only offering products on the menu.

Social distancing rules

Our hotel follows all protocols to enable the social distance required when interacting with others.

Safety signage – we have created special signage in all common areas of hotels to remind everyone of the need to maintain a safe distance.

Redesign of common areas – furniture has been moved, in line with new legislation, to help guests maintain social distance.

Support from staff – to help guests apply these measures in all areas.

Personal protection equipment & protocols

We offer safety equipment to all our guests , under request, staff and suppliers.

Safety and sanitizing equipment for guests – access to sanitizing gel, masks and gloves during their stay.

Employee protection – all hotel employees have access to the equipment needed to do their work with maximum health guarantees.

Equipment required for suppliers – all suppliers accessing the hotel must follow the required safety measures.

Equipamiento obligatorio para proveedores – todos los proveedores que acceden al hotel lo hacen siguiendo las medidas de seguridad necesarias.

Water purifying protocols

In our hotel we are following the strictest purification and sanitizing standards for purifying water and pools.


Water sanitizing – we are following updated standards for sanitizing drinking water and revised protocols for waste-water treatment.

Pool  – we are introducing new, more frequent, water sanitizing protocols.

Spa – will remain closed

Health & Safety protocols for employees

For added safety, all our staff must meet the health requirements for working.

Daily screening – staff will undergo screening before and after their shifts.

Early detection protocols – and action plans in case of guest health concerns, with the option of isolation, protective equipment, contact with medical services and transportation logistics.

Special staff training – on following safety protocols and practices tailored to health regulations.

Hotel Health & Safety Manager

We have a health & safety manager responsible for the introduction of new measures and in training all employees.

Introduction of measures – responsible for introducing and updating the measures needed.

Employee training – trains all employees on the procedures needed to protect other employees, guests and suppliers.

Responsible for impact – responsible for using the highest possible level of Eco-responsibility in all new practices.


To improve your safety, we have implemented the ONLINE CHECKIN to our system!

The Spanish law requires the registration of each of our guests, but now extra security measures must be used for the good of all. Therefore, we have introduced a pre-check in by allowing to do it online, with which we achieve two main advantages while complying with legal requirements: increasing security by reducing contact and reducing waiting times on your arrival at the hotel. You will only have to fill in the details of the guests following the instructions in the email you will receive. This is a new service that is offered for the convenience of our guests, although you can always continue to do so in the traditional way: as you arrive at our hotel, we will do the check in WITHOUT CONTACT, by showing the identification document for your registration.

According to current regulations, the signature of the party by the guests is mandatory. Using a tactile pen, you will be able to confirm the data in any case.