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Hotel & SPA Molí de l’Hereu is located in the region of Matarraña (Teruel, Spain), where you will find lots of peace, charming villages, rivers of crystal-like waters, hiking routes, delicious local gastronomy… Maybe this is why it is popularly known as “the Spanish Tuscany”.

Some of the most interesting attractions in the Matarraña region are the charming medieval villages: Valderrobres and Calaceite are part of the association “Pueblos más bonitos de España” (Most beautiful villages in Spain); and five villages in the Matarraña region are declared “Conjunto histórico” (Historical Grouping). They are undoubtedly a great reason to visit Teruel, stay at the Hotel & SPA Molí de l’Hereu and discover them.



Charming villages in the Matarraña region (Teruel, Spain)

On a visit to the Matarraña region you can discover several charming villages, such as Creta, Peñarroya de Tastavins and Monroyo. If you have time, other charming and interesting villages are Mazaleón, Arenys de Lledó and La Fresneda.

Vía Verde and the oil ports

Vía Verde goes through the old railroad tracks, and you can also visit the oil ports by renting an SUV.



All the towns of the Matarraña region stand out for their charm and tranquility, but Ráfales is a great haven of peace: it has less than 200 inhabitants and Hotel & SPA Molí de l’Hereu is located here.
The points of interest in Ráfales are: Plaza Mayor, Church of Our Assumption (14th century), the Town Hall (16th century), a medieval porticoed corner and the remains of the Castle of the Order of Calatrava (14th century).



Valderrobres is the capital town of the Matarraña region. It has a charming old quarter, which climbs up a hill bounded in the lowest zone by the Matarraña River and at the highest by a Castle and Santa María La Mayor Church. We recommend visiting both, as well as the Valderrobres Museum, the Town Hall and the Stone Bridge of the 14th century.



Beceite is one of the main attractions in the Matarraña region: a charming town and starting point for hiking routes. The entrance to Beceite is made by Puente de piedra (stone bridge, 16th century) over the Matarraña River. Once inside Beceite, a maze of streets goes up to the Plaza de la Constitución, where you will find the Town Hall and the Church of San Bartolomé (18th century). From Beceite, we also highlight its medieval portals, the stately architecture of Castellà Street and its old paper mills.

Mas de Bunyol Vulture Observation Centre


You will love the Mas de Bunyol Vulture Observation Centre. José Ramón or “Buitreman”, its founder, has been feeding wild vultures in Beceite for over 25 years.

Hiking routes

Parrizal Route

Beautiful and easy hiking route, with wooden walkways (although there is some jump between stones at the end). The arrival point will allow you to discover «Els Estrets del Parrissal», a canyon with walls of 60 m.


Other hiking routes:

Pozas de La Pesquera
Salt de la Portellada

The history of the Matarraña region


The Matarraña region has a long history dating back to the Bronze Age and on, when it was already inhabited by human settlements. Vestiges of it are the rock art, the Iberian villages and burial mounds, as well as the medieval prisons that you can find in the area.


Rabanella, s/n,
44589 Ráfales, Teruel (Spain)
Tel: +34 978 85 61 82

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    TARIFA ESPECIAL!! Prolongando la estancia más allá de los tres días tendrás un descuento muy interesante que te ayudará a disfrutar más de tu tiempo en el Moli del Hereu. RESERVA AHORA!!